Create Live & Interactive
Hybrid Events

Eventstream is your online event venue. We connect your existing ticket software with live streaming technology so you can invite anyone in the world to attend your event virtually.

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Lot's of people around the world would love to attend your event in person, but are unable to. Costs and time away from the office prohibit them from being able to be there. Hybrid events allow you to reach the people who cannot attend in person but who can watch online. Through live streaming technology you can extend your event beyond the four walls in the room, to anyone with a computer or mobile device. This allows you to reach more people, and increase your revenue through virtual ticket sales. Eventstream gives you all the tools you need to use your current ticketing platform to sell tickets for your hybrid and connects your on-site AV team to the leading live streaming platforms.


Make More Money

More attendees mean more tickets sold, even if they're virtual. Now you can increase your revenue without needing to increase your on-site expenses.

Reach Beyond Your Venue

Looking to reach people outside your city and market to a global audience? With Eventstream you can reach audiences around the world in every timezone and truly have a worldwide presence.

Create Lasting Memories

Once your event has been broadcast live, it can be saved for instant replay. Continue to sell tickets to the replay for months to come, create a passive revenue stream and offer your physical attendees the chance to experience your event again.
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Online attendees buy their ticket the same way physical attendees do

Eventstream works with the same ticket provider you use to sell your physical tickets making it easy to keep track of whose buying and keep all your revenue together. Use our built in registration service, or connect to Eventbrite automatically, we more platforms being added soon. You can even use the platform of your choice with our simple add-on.

Attendees visit your website, and redeem their unique code

Each attendee receives a unique order number after purchasing their ticket. This number is their unique access code to attend your event online. Access codes only work for one person, on a single device so you know your event is secure. Attendees can redeem their code right on your website through our launch widget, or on your unique landing page that is included in the software.

The live stream of your event instantly pops up into view

One the unique code is verified, the live stream of your event opens instantly. Attendees will see the video, slide presentation and be able to ask private questions of the speaker. You can also live chat with an individual attendee or send a public broadcast message to everyone at once.


"Eventstream’s pre-event setup and their integration to our e-commerce system enabled us to seamlessly sell seats to the webcast.  Their execution of the webcast during the event was flawless, garnering a 9.5 out of 10 rating from an audience.  Finally their post-production of the video files and tools to enable us to monetize segments of the conference long term gave us additional revenue streams. They are as closet to a “plug-and-play” solution as you can get."
Chris Kamarianakis - Executive Director, Protect Your Boundaries Inc.